- The 'Stone of New Beginnings', brings forth the essence of love and charm to both inner life and outer life. A perfect stone to keep close by at the beginning of a new relationship or a new venture to help ensure everything flows with beauty as much as can be.

- Garnet overall is a grounded stone. It knows its journey well and helps its keeper deeply. A stone that continually moves forwards, adjusting and shifting its energy accordingly with Mother Earth. With an eternally positive output and a destination of light, Garnet is a medicine box, a book of teaching, a hand of hope. In its numerous forms its offerings do often differ, yet follow the same undertones.

 - Raspberry Garnets is a stone that helps to lift the mood and is good for breaking vicious circles and combating depression. Raspberry Garnet gives great comfort and instils a sense of security and can be especially supportive during life's challenges, such as through times of stress, upset and change.

- A stone to help the being to be more accepting and see life and others around them in a more positive light. It is also a stone that resonates well within the Heart energy centre, helping to instill feelings of love and happiness at those times when its needed most.

- Raspberry Garnet can bring out the more gentle and understanding side out of the any being no matter of age, background or beliefs. It is a stone that reminds of the beauty within, of how this beauty can then be recognized all around in surrounding life.

 - Raspberry Garnet encourages the child within, not for immaturity or childish behavior, it is the child within that can laugh, smile and joke. The child within that is not be afraid to step out of the crowd, not afraid to jump down each step or search for the treasure at the end of a rainbow. Raspberry Garnet teaches the being to let go of the shame of allowing this child within to have freedom.

- A stone that removes negativity, helping the being to replace it with love, joy and hope. This can be very helpful for a new outlook in life, for a new beginning to a better future. Raspberry Garnet can also help to stop and ease nightmares, anxiety and troublesome fears.

- Raspberry Garnet may help to curb a sweet tooth for some. For this, put any cravings or hunger for sweet foods and drink into a direct thought to Raspberry Garnet, but asking for the stone to take and cleanse them away.

 - Also, Raspberry Garnet can help give a boost to the immune system and to raise fertility levels in both the male and female, as well as helping to bring improvement in other areas of the reproductive system.

- Raspberry Garnet attracts charm, sparkle and love very well, but can also help to restore these areas back into relationships of the heart.

- A stone that reminds the being of the richness of hope and of love, with encouragement to move towards such amazing forms of beauty that play such vast roles in life .

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